At Calvert Sleep Center we provide comprehensive evaluations of sleep disorders which affect either the ability to fall asleep, remain asleep or lead to excessive daytime sleepiness and fatigue. Evaluations involve a face-to-face office consult which may lead to a diagnostic sleep study either in-laboratory or at home.

Treatment may involve collaboration with a psychotherapist, nutritionist, dentist, and/or an ENT surgeon to provide a tailored, holistic approach to treatment of the sleep disorder.

Some of the sleep disorders we treat:

  • Insomnia (Difficulty falling or staying asleep)
  • Breathing disorders during sleep
  • Assistance acclimating to CPAP
  • Narcolepsy

Below is a comprehensive explanation of our process to provide the treatment you need to sleep well and live well!

Calvert Sleep Consult

1. Consult

The first thing to do when dealing with a sleep disorder is to set up a consult with Dr. Goring. At this initial consult, you will fill out or bring in your new patient forms. If you are concerned that your insurance will not cover your consult and/or treatment, please contact the office. While we cannot offer cost-free treatment, our passion is our patients, so schedule your consult and we will discuss all options.

Calvert Sleep Evaluation

2. Evaluation

Next Dr. Goring will use her resources and over a decade of experience to determine the best possible treatment for your sleep disorder. Information taken into account include medical history, current medications, nutrition and diet, exercise habits, work schedule, and more. It will be decided if a sleep study will be needed to further aid in confirming a diagnosis. If this is a mandatory work-related (i.e. DOT / CDL) issue, keep in mind that sleep deprivation can impact much more than your work performance – it can end your life early.

Calvert Sleep Treatment

3. Treatment

Your treatment may include medications or a device to help your breathing during sleep and eliminate snoring. We advocate Cognitive Behavior Therapy to treat chronic insomnia.

Sleep Studies
In Lab Sleep Studies

The in lab sleep study is completely safe, comfortable, and effective. Our state of the art two bed sleep lab is a diagnostic facility made to feel like your own bedroom. You will arrive in the evening to the lab with appropriate, comfortable sleepwear, toiletries, and a change of clothes for the morning. Each sleep room has a private bathroom. Our board certified sleep technologist will be in attendance for the duration of the study. He or she will attach equipment which will monitor your sleep, breathing, cardiac rate, rhythm, and leg movements. Though you may leave anytime if you are uncomfortable, the sleep study is over by 6 AM the following morning.

The lab is handicap accessible and locked to the outside in the evening for security.

Home Sleep Test

An alternative to the In Lab Sleep Study is the home sleep test. The home sleep test involves the use of an airflow cannula and an oximeter band placed around your finger. After being shown how to assemble and apply the equipment you sleep with it for one night at home and return it to the office on completion of your test. During your initial evaluation we will decide if the in lab sleep study or the home sleep test is appropriate for you.

Calvert Sleep Follow Up

4. Follow-Up

We encourage a follow up visit to assess your response to treatment and allow us to continue the journey towards your achieving deep restorative sleep.

Our follow up visit maybe scheduled as an office visit or a telephone conference depending on the complexity of your sleep disorder.

We currently offer secure online video conferencing office consults to those unable to make it in for a face to face visit. If you are struggling with a sleep disorder, don’t delay treatment.